How Can I Unblock My Amazon Account?

February 6, 2023

Thousands of Amazon sellers accounts are suspended every day. Gonuggets team provides you below the top 10 reasons. Before you submit any appeal or plan of action, we recommend that you understand the real reason and properly write your appeal. Indeed, many sellers don’t manage to unblock their account because of a misunderstanding of their account suspension reason and / or a badly written appeal.  The time it takes to unblock an Amazon account depends on the complexity of the case. It ranges from a few hours to several months.

You are usually entitled to only a few attempts to unblock your account. Therefore, do not waste any of your chances by writing multiple unsuccessful appeals, as the probability of success decreases and the unblocking process becomes more difficult.

Reach out to us if you can’t reinstate your account. We will ask for a copy of the original Amazon suspension email, a copy of your appeal (if you have submitted one already), exchanges you had with the Seller Performance Team, policy warnings, complaints, and any other alerts on your metrics. We will then tell you, within 24h, if we can get your account reinstated, which usually takes up to 72 hours.

Top 10 reasons for Amazon account blocking

1. Having 2 Amazon accounts: Amazon doesn’t allow you to have more than one account, under the same company, unless you have valid business reasons (rare cases). Most often, both related Accounts are blocked completely and you do not have access to any of the accounts to close one of them.

2. Wrong details in Identity Information in your seller Account : Amazon will most likely warn you several days before blocking your account, with the missing documents, in Performance Notifications.

3. Unknown beneficial owners (holding more than 25% of the shares of the company)

4. Poor quality of scanned ID documents or Incorrect company details

5. Wrong payment details in Bank Account Information

6. Copyright and trademark violations:  This is taken seriously by Amazon and the blockage can be difficult to reverse. The blockage may occur when you sell non-authentic products or violate copyrights and trademarks.

7. Product not matching the description: The order defect rate (ODR) has to remain below 1%, otherwise Amazon will block your account. Order Defect Rate consists of three different metrics (more information here):

8. Negative feedback A-to-Z

9. Guarantee claims

10. Chargeback claims

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