Who We Are

We hold ourselves and each other accountable for demonstrating our principles through our actions every day

1. Customer Obsession

We work backwards from our customers to design and build product features that would ensure the best customer experience.

2. Passion For Invention

Our hiring is based on the ability of constantly looking to improve features and processes by simplifying them.

3. Operational Excellence

We are continually raising the bar and driving our team to deliver high-quality product features, services, and processes.

4. Long-term Thinking

We promote long-term value over short-term results. Ownership is one of our teams'  superpowers.

Our principles

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siliconluxembourgsiliconluxembourgGonuggets Raises 7-Figure Pre-Seed Sum - Mamoun Benkirane Mekki Mouaddeb
"Gonuggets, the startup that connects brands across fragmented e-commerce platforms"

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